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Plug Gages

We take gages seriously. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Calibrated Masters Certification of Accuracy and traceability to the NIST is included with every Deltronic gage.

This no-charge feature has its foundation in masters calibrated for us by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Whether you know them as pin gages, plug gages, or Go and No-go gages, in inch or metric sizes, the translation of Institute measurements into an accurate gaging product requires three essential elements. First, knowledgeable and experienced personnel; second, a suitable gage making and gage measuring environment; third, production and measuring equipment with inherent accuracy and resolution to satisfy the millionths requirements of our customers.

Through Deltronic's many years of experience manufacturing plug gages, pin gages, thread gages, and optical comparator and video measuring quality measurement tools, we have evolved a mix of these essential elements to provide our customers with the maximum in consistent product quality at minimum cost.

"...I continue to enjoy the benefits of a library of great Deltronic plug gauges."
--Chuck Porter, C&C EDM, Inc.

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Gages with Insul-Grip

Class X Stock Gages

Deltronic has originated so many unique and valuable features in its plug gages that it was granted patent number 2,715,281 by the United States Patent Office.

The Deltronic Gage Guide Deltronic Plug Gage Guide is a thorough reference on our in-stock 10,081 Inch size (English) plug gages,

10,240 metric size plug gages, AGD Go/No Go handles, Split/Mate convertible gages, Class X gage certification, our in-house laboratory and known-sze master calibration, thread wires, gear wires, micro ball gages, Acme and Buttress wire gages, gage life extender (gage lubricant), gage banks, gage sets, gage libraries, gage applications and gage use. Deltronic manufactures these products; they are available through our distributors.

Deltronic Gage Exclusive Patented Features:

Single Tolerance

Every Class X Deltronic inch size pin gage is made to a single tolerance, plus 0.000,040", minus nothing; metric pin gage tolerance is plus 0.001mm, minus nothing. With inch or metric gages, Certification of Accuracy traceable to the National Institute of Standards is included at no extra charge.

Size on Each Gage

This self identifying feature eliminates time spent in manually checking and re-checking gage sizes reducing the possibility of error.

Exclusive Relief Handle

Enables use without the encumbrance of handles for greater versatility of applications. May also be used with handles when desired.

Extra Length

Length varies with diameter from 1 7/8" to 3 1/2" (50mm to 90mm) to provide more useable gage surface.

Absolute Concentricity

This concentricity of ends, plus extra length, is invaluable for layout, hole spacing measurement.

Precision Lapped

Each gage is lapped to approximately one microinch finish that creates a mirror-like surface with additional resistance to wear.

Hardened and Cold Stabilized

Heat treated to a hardness of Rockwell "C" 62-64, and Cold Stabilized to minimum size and form variations throughout the exceptionally long life potential built into each Deltronic gage.

Tiny X™ Gages with Insul-Grip

The insulator grip supplied free with Deltronic gage sizes .0070" thru .0589" is an original Deltronic concept that provides new convenience in handling and control of small diameters. The Insul-Grip prevents transfer of hand heat, acids and moisture in handling, and provides instant, size-marked identification. The Insul-Grip can be moved to any point on the gage or easily removed and replaced for such uses as gear or thread wires or in AGD handles. Tiny X™ gages maintain the same Deltronic plus 40 millionths, minus nothing, tolerance and are precision lapped, hardened and cold stabilized, and extra long for more useable gage surface.

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